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We cherish being an independent boutique agency.

We value having the space to learn and try things differently; being able to focus on our craft and deliver a customer service we can be proud of. We are dedicated to being accountable, dependable and trustworthy co-workers, suppliers and clients. We take comfort in knowing that our colleagues stand ready to help us at a moment’s notice. We celebrate our successes all together because each project is a team effort. We are proud of the high level of integrity with which we choose to do business.

We are humble in our successes and we feel a great sense of accountability for the success of our client’s project as if it were ours alone. We always strive to foster an atmosphere of openness, honesty and team spirit with our clients and suppliers. Time is everyone’s most precious resource, that’s why we always try to present solutions that fit the specific needs of each project. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to provide the most adapted solutions. We are driven by the idea of finding and nurturing the talent inside everyone we come in contact with.

We are grateful to our clients who continue to reward us with their trust and we are proud of our suppliers, on whom we rely so much, and who consistently perform at that the highest standard. Our aim is to be our clients’ DMC of choice. We hope that the opportunity of working with the A+ Solutions team can help tip the scale in favour of organizing your next event in Barcelona, Madrid, or other areas on request. We hope you’ll give us a chance to partner with you on your next project.


I have spent the last 25 years gaining a 360° understanding of events and nurturing my passion for this challenging line of work. In my various roles I have always invested myself completely to ensure that the client’s needs were not only met, but also exceeded. I believe that the ingredients for a successful event are: the right team, a firm commitment to service quality and an attention to detail. Throughout my career I have made it a point to build strong and lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and freelance event professionals. Today, this enables my Barcelona agency, A+ Solutions, to compose qualified teams based on the needs of each client. The result? Events that meet and exceed their objectives and create unforgettable memories for guests.