Cititravel DMC Spain & Portugal

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Cititravel DMC Spain & Portugal covering the whole Iberian Peninsula and with seven strategically located branch offices throughout the territory & Islands.

Since inception back in 1985 our organizations goal is always to work hard from start to finish, acknowledging and listening to the complexity of projects, discussing alternatives to accomplish the goals & resources needed, always in collaboration and in alignment with your, the client’s objective.

That said, we put value in:

– Being a service business with superb local knowledge, expertise and resources.

– Specializing in the design and implementation of events and activities with a fresh & innovative approach.

– Serve as a professional consultants to our clients & dedicated to the successful achievement of the program’s objective

But above all we are people people, we are creative & we strive to make our client´s jobs easier and make them look good!

Please expect integrity and high ethical standards – our mission is creating genuine value for our clients and help them to improve.

Fast, flexible & friendly!


Paco Nuñez – Chief Sales Officer I feel privileged to be part of this sector for 22+ years now. No doubt, success is being in charge of your lifestyle and creating something you’re proud of, surrounded by people you love. I can honestly say that my professional inspiration has no separation from my personal inspiration: it is people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. Hobbies – apart from the family, it’s all about the music: “From Mozart to Metallica, I love it all!”